LIVE Training s & LIVE Project Workday Learning


  1. Learning Configure and Maintenance
  2. Considerations
  3. Learning Instructors
  4. Express Interest for Learning Courses
  5. Configure Learning Dashboards
  6. Maintain Learning Validations
  7. Maintain Drop Course Event Categories
  8. Maintain Learning Unit Types
  9. Learning Topics
  10. Learning Dashboard Worklets
  11. Learning Security
  12. Configure Considerations: Segmented Security for Learning
  13. Configure Considerations: Pre-Hire Access to Learning
  14. Configure: Set Up Security for Learning
  15. Configure: Restrict Access to Learning Content
  16. Configure: Configure Pre-Hire Access to Learning Content
  17. Security in Learning
  18. Learning Pricing Enablement
  19. Configure Considerations: Pricing Enablement
  20. Configure: Set Up Pricing for Learning
  21. Create Learning Organization Payment Configurations
  22. Learning Content
  23. Configure Considerations: Learning Content
  24. Configure Considerations: Learning Lessons
  25. Configure: Manage Learning Content
  26. Configure: Set Up and Launch Learning Campaigns
  27. Configure: Set Up Learner Name for Packaged Content
  28. Create Learning Courses
  29. Create Learning Course Offerings
  30. Move Instructor-Led Classroom Training Online
  31. Create Learning Programs
  32. View and Edit Learning Content
  33. Create Learning Equivalency Rules
  34. Create Learning Prerequisite Rules
  35. Learning Enrollments
  36. Configure Manage Learning Enrollments
  37. Mass Enroll Learners
  38. Mass Drop Learners
  39. Manage Waitlists for Learning Course Offerings
  40. Manage Schedules and Grading and Attendance
  41. Manage Enrollment Completion
  42. Manage Reminders for Learning Courses with Expiry Periods
  43. Reset Learning Due Dates
  44. Learning Assignments
  45. Waitlists for Learning Course Offerings
  46. Extended Enterprise Learning
  47. Configure Considerations: Extended Enterprise
  48. Configure Extended Enterprise Learning
  49. Configure Access for Extended Enterprise Learning
  50. Configure Extended Enterprise Affiliations