LIVE Training & LIVE Project SAP S4 HANA Hybris Billing

Chapter 1 – Subscription order management overview
  • Subscription order Management Process flow : How subscription order management works in industries
  • Subscription order Management Components : Understand what components are involved in SOM
  • End to End Process overview
Chapter 2 – Master Data in SOM
  • Business Partner & Business Agreement : Understand Business Partner specific settings .
  • Product Master : Understand How to build products for Subscription order management
Chapter 3 - Provider Order, Provider Contracts & Order Distribution
  • Provider Order Process Flow : Understand How subscription order is created in the system.
    What data is captured in the system
  • Provider Contract : What is a Provider contract ?
  • Customizing Details
    • Basic Settings
    • Pricing Configuration
    • Change process set up
    • Status profile
    • Action profile
  • Change Processes for Provider Orders : What kind of change Processes can be executed on a Provider Order
Chapter4 – Integration with SAP Convergent charging & Convergent Invoicing
  • Understanding how to integrate Subscription orders with Convergent Charging and Convergent invoicing
  • Set up integration with Convergent Charging
  • Set up integration with Convergent invoicing
  • Subscription Order Management for B2B Processes
  • Agreements in B2B Process : Understand the use of different agreement types that influence the Billing and Order Management
Chapter 5– Convergent Charging
  • Charging Process - overview : Understand : How Charging works in Convergent
Chapter 6 - Rating Process in Convergent charging
  • Understand how to set up Pricing Components
  • Mapping Tables
  • Subscriber Accounts
  • External Accounts
Chapter 7 - Charging Process in Convergent Charging
  • Understand How to configure Charges
  • Charge Plans
Chapter 8 - Webservices
  • How to set up basic webservices for charging in the system
Chapter 9 -Integration with Convergent Invoicing
  • Understand How to Integrate with SAP
  • Convergent invoicing to generate
  • Billable items
  • Objectives
Chapter 10 - Introduction to High volume Biling
  • Billing and revenue Management Overview : Understand How does high volume Billing is executed in Industries
  • Convergent Invoicing Scope in Digital Billing : Understand What is convergent invoicing
Chapter 11 - Master Data in CI
  • Master Data
      • Understand


    • How to create Customers specific to CI
    • What are Contract Partners and how do use them in High volume billing
  • Business Partner Set up in SAP CI
  • Contract Partner set up
  • Product Concept in SAP CI
Chapter 12 - Convergent Billing
  • Billing Overview in BRIM - Invocing overview
  • Billable items
    • What are billable items ?
    • What information w.r.t to Billing is stored in Billable items
    • How are Billable items stored in the sap system
    • How can you upload Billable items in SAP
  • Billable item configuration
  • Billable item Management
  • Billable items integration
  • Convergent Invoicing Overview
    • What are the steps in Convergent invocing
    • How convergent invoicing differs from Fi-AR
  • Accounting Integration overview
  • Billing Process Execution - Business View : Understand How to generate Billing documents in Convergent invoicing
  • Billing Process Configuration : Understand How to set up Billing document in Convergent invoicing
Chapter 13- Convergent Invoicing
  • Invoicing Process - overview : Understand : Invoicing of Billing Documents Why there is a Invoice and a Billing Document
  • Invoicing Execution - Business View : Understand how to generate Invoices in CI
  • Invoice Process Configuration : Understand How to configure Invoice Process in SAP CI
Chapter 14 - Convergent Invoicing integration with SD
  • Invoicing using SD Invoice : Understand How to set up Invoices using SD Invoices
Chapter 15 - Convergent Invoicing using Consumptions
  • Consumptions and Billable items : Understand
    What are Consumption items
    what is the relation with the Billable items
  • Consumption items set up
  • Consumption item Management
Chapter 16 - Customer Scenarios with Billing
  • Understand : How to manage Customer specific enhancements
  • Master Agreements in CI : Understand Why are Master agreements important in the area of Convergent Invoicing
  • Invoice Agreement : Understand which scenarios Invoice Agreements are used
  • Invoice List : Understand which scenarios Invoice Lists are used
  • Discount Agreement : Understand which scenarios Discount Agreements are used